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Employee Satisfaction Survey

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The Employee satisfaction survey conducted through the Pulser.online platform on the website https://pulser.mk/ is owned by the company Vrabotuvanje ONLINE DOO, Vasil Gjorgov 24 / 1-5, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Northern Macedonia (hereinafter part of the text Vrabotuvanje.com).

The purpose of the Employee satisfaction survey is to provide the companies participating in the survey (hereinafter Participants) with a tool for assessing employee satisfaction and introducing the public to human resource management. With the help of the survey, it is also determined which are the best companies to work in the Republic of Northern Macedonia according to the experiences and perceptions of the employees in the companies themselves.


Best Employer Award

All employers, regardless of their size, can participate in the survey, but for the Best Employer award, only employers with more than 20 employees can qualify.

The Best Employer award does not qualify employers who conduct the free version of the survey.




Participation in the survey is voluntary. The participating company, Vrabotuvanje.com, in order to enable the performance of the service during the survey process, will provide certain information about the participants that is public, ie confidential and/or private.

In addition, Vrabotuvanje.com, in order to enable the performance of the service during the survey process, will provide certain materials and information related to Vrabotuvanje.com, which are not public, ie confidential and/or private.

The term 'Confidential Information' means all data, oral and/or written (collected through any means) which at the time of providing the information was defined as such and is intended only for conducting the survey process. The obligation to keep Confidential Information in this Article does not apply in cases when the requests for their disclosure arise from the valid regulations of the Republic of Northern Macedonia or come from authorized bodies.

Vrabotuvanje.com reserves the right to use Confidential Information for the purpose of group data analysis, on the basis of which it will publish the 3 best-ranked companies. The name and logo of the Participant in case he is not one of the 3 best participants will not be published. As an exception, if the relevant number of surveys is not conducted (minimum 5), a company with a score higher than 3.5 will receive a Certificate of Excellence.

In connection with the Confidential information provided to it, Vrabotuvanje.com undertakes to restrict access to the Confidential Information only to persons whose official duties include collecting and analyzing this information for the above purpose, whether the persons are employees of Vrabotuvanje.com or are external collaborators to whom Vrabotuvanje.com can, if necessary, entrust part of the work.


Obligations of the Participants
The participant undertakes:

  1. to provide a relevant sample in relation to the size of the company and the sectors in the company according to the conditions stated on the website www.pulser.mk in case the company wants to participate in the competition for the award 'Best Employer'
  2. to keep the received questionnaire and confidential information within the company (not to share confidential information with other legal entities)
  3. to provide equal opportunity for all employees to participate
  4. to inform the employees for what purpose their email addresses will be used in case the survey is conducted through an online survey
  5. to follow the instructions to the employees who will participate in the survey, which will be previously provided and submitted by Vrabotuvanje.com, in case of conducting the survey through paper questionnaires
  6. to enter the data on the employees at the level of the group participating in the survey: vocational training, number of employees and their email addresses; the number of employees is the number of employees at the time of starting the survey for employee satisfaction, regardless of the subsequent changes
  7. to settle the account for conducting the survey within the legal deadline


Obligations of Vrabotuvanje.com
Vrabotuvanje.com undertakes:

  1. to conduct the survey in the term agreed with the Participant
  2. to submit instructions to all employees if the Participant provides valid email addresses from them
  3. to display the results of the survey on the Pulser.online platform after the completion of the conducted survey
  4. to publish a list of the 3 best-placed Participants, if a relevant number of polls are conducted (minimum 5).
  5. to provide Participants with comparative survey results (group comparison with other participating companies) at the end of the cycle for the current year
  6. after the completion of the survey, ie. upon delivery of the service, Vrabotuvanje.com will submit an invoice. The cost of an Employee satisfaction survey is based on the total number of employees in the company and includes a filter option, regardless of the type of survey. The price is expressed by calculation on the website: www.pulser.mk
  7. at the regular prices of the Survey, the companies with over 75% survey completion and the companies that conducted the Survey last year are entitled to a 10% discount, and the companies that are clients of the Vrabotuvanje.com portal are entitled to a discount in accordance with the concluded agreement.
  8. one year after the survey, Vrabotuvanje.com will permanently delete the email addresses of the employees entered into the system by the Participants, which were used exclusively for receiving notifications and reminders for conducting the survey through an online questionnaire.


In case of any irregularities in the process of conducting the survey, Vrabotuvanje.com will notify the Participant in writing and the results of the survey will not be taken into account in the process of determining the best-placed Participants.

The survey can be repeated only once, at the request of the Participant. To repeat the survey, the Participant will receive a new invoice at a regular price, without the possibility of calculating a discount.

The Basic civil court Skopje is competent for all disputes arising from these conditions and in relation to them, as well as for the legal effects arising from them.